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Sunday, December 05, 2004

*PASSION PARTIES NATIONWIDE*!! Adult Sex Toys girls night out lingerie partie

Party, Profits & Passion - What could be better?
*~*Have a Party and earn free products of your choice.
*~*Order online, confidentiality guaranteed.
*~*Become a Passion Parties Independent Consultant and start your own business for $100, $250, or $450.


Passion Parties, FUN Parties, In Home Confidential Adult Toy Parties. Surprise Parties are full of surprises, but a PASSION PARTY is full of PASSION enhancers for your relationship. Earn Free Products by hosting a party or order online.

What are you saving for? Vacation? College tuition? Trip to the Salon? This is a great "extra cash" business or a FUN career! Do you need time to be an "Adult". Ineract with some of the best women out there by having a Job that's always a PARTY!

If you have a question, you won't get a computer, you'll get ME & if I'm not available, you'll get my sponsor and she will help. We have access to online groups full of files & information 24 hrs a day. It's easy to get more info just follow the links or call me anytime!

~*~Heather Merritt~*~
Passion Parties Team Manager
Independent Consultant
(912) 690-1068
Impassioning Women's lives
From the bedroom to the bank!
Ask me how you too can earn $40 an hour
by becoming part of my money making team!
Always a hostess special!
Always Free Prizes at each in-home party!
"Visit Often, Stay awhile, Laugh Much"


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